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HLH Artist Heather Humbert Painting.jpeg

Heather Humbert is a Twin Cities based artist who works primarily in acrylic paints and occasionally dabbles in printmaking. She holds a degree in Studio Art from Lawrence University in Appleton, Wisconsin. Originally from Chicago, her first stop in Minnesota was in New York Mills in 2000 where she worked as the Arts Retreat Coordinator at the New York Mills Regional Cultural Center. She also spent five years working at the Minneapolis Institute of Art. 

Heather is also a mother, bowler, trivia player, axe thrower, amateur toy collector, and rescuer of cats as well as the occasional opossum. 




Stick Figure Arts Collective Logo.png

Meg and Heather met in high school art class. A little while later (ok, literal decades later), on a bit of a lark or perhaps a blue footed booby, Heather was inspired to create a portrait of Meg which led to a reconnecting over love of art, cats, and the curiously epic mid-life experience. They decided to form a female-forward (albeit wholly inclusive) art collective.

Stick Figure Arts Collective is home to a small, curated group of international artists who are looking to play and create while stretching their respective imaginations. Currently, our goal is to produce four themed shows per year and offer it online for both safety and accessibility.

In a time when we could all use a little bit of a positive distraction, Stick Figure Arts hopes to bring some beauty, conversation and levity to the world. Thanks for coming along for the ride.




Heather L. Humbert


Photo credit Jeff Newcomer

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