Points of View 13x21 Acrylic on Canvas H


I am excited to share my website with you!  Here you can view all of my latest work and some of my favorite pieces.  Check back often for new work, open studio dates and fun.  

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Photo Credit Jeff Newcomer

Toys are a time capsule of our youth and memories.  I love painting toys for the color, the nostalgia and the whimsy. 

Flowers are small, delicate and pretty therefore I like to paint them much larger than life, abstracting them.  Like most of my other subjects, I am drawn to the color, the shapes and the textures of flowers.

A Snapshot of Tangible Memories 13x21 Ac


Coming up

11  / 06 /  2021

Tis the season. . .for art!   I will be participating in the following studio events at the 2010 Arblok building in NE Minneapolis (2010 East Hennepin, Minneapolis, MN)